Superior East OPP Remind Drivers to be Careful Following Return to School

With school back after the holiday break, police are reminding drivers to be careful.

Superior East Ontario Provincial Police remind there is an increase and pedestrian traffic during the school year, and school buses are also back on roads.

Because of that, police remind motorists must stop when approaching a stopped school bus with its overhead red signal lights flashing - whether or not its "STOP" arm is extended - and the vehicle must remain stopped until the bus moves or the signal lights stop flashing.

Anyone who illegally passes a stopped school bus could be fined $490 to $2000 for a first offence, or $1000 to $4000 with possible jail time for a subsequent offence - both mean six demerit points.

Drivers are also reminded to be cautious of pedestrians, taking extra care near parked cars and travelling slowly through intersections.