Local Road Rehabilitation Announced

Some local roads will be getting some work this year.

Ontario's Transportation Minister, Jeff Yurek, has announced a total of $1.3-billion for rebuilding and restoring roads across the province, including $291-million for 32 projects in the Northeast.

That includes resurfacing a nearly 22-kilometre section of Highway 129 - about 27 kilometres south of the junction with Highway 101 - and the replacement of the Buttonshoe Creek culvert along that stretch of road.

Highway 547 will see work on the Hawk Creek and McVeigh Creek bridges: abrasive blast cleaning and coating of all structural steel components.

Highway 17 will be reconstructed from a quarter kilometre east of Highway 631 to about 18 kilometres west of Highway 519 - that project is expected to start in 2019, but won't finish until 2021.

Work's also planned for multiple bridges and culverts on Highway 631 between White River and Hornepayne, expected to start in 2019 and end in 2020.