Phone Service Now Restored in Chapleau

Update: Service was restored on Saturday, March 30th.

OPP are stationing members at Chapleau's Civic Centre amid a phone disruption in the community.

Superior East OPP say the Chapleau detachment is currently without phone service after Bell phone lines were damaged by Thursday's garage fire on Queen Street - Bell Canada says about 500 customers are affected, with the Township saying the disruption's hit the entire westside from Teak Street south to the Township limit, as well as the First Nations and unorganized areas south and east of the Township.

While the detachment's without phone service, staff are being stationed at the Civic Centre around the clock to respond to emergencies - they can be contacted at 705-864-0830.

Both police and Chapleau emergency services assure those with phone service can still call 911 in an emergency - with the Chapleau Fire Department to be staffed 24 hours a day until the lines are restored - and the Township advises those without service to make arrangements for access to a working phone.

Bell Canada has confirmed the damaged cables need to be replaced and a crew from Sault Ste. Marie is working to restore service as quickly as possible, though no timeline's been given - the Township and OPP both suggest it could take a few days.