Michipicoten Golf Club Opening For Season

Wawa golfers can soon start hitting the greens.

The Michipicoten Golf Club's preparing to kick off the season this weekend, and Club President Craig Spooner is urging golfers to get their memberships, noting they help the club determine what it is and isn't able to do - and numbers have been declining in recent years.

Spooner reminds a membership lets you get on the course without paying green fees, provides a discount at the driving range, and cuts league night fees in half - that last discount could amount to almost half the membership cost, if you attend every night of just one league.

League nights are also approaching: Spooner notes the first call-in for Men's Night will be this coming Monday, May 20th, at 8 am, while the first call-in for Ladies Night will be next Friday, May 24th - the number to call for both will be 705-856-7409.

The first Men's Night will be next Thursday, May 23rd, while Ladies Night will start the following week, on Wednesday, May 29th.

The Seniors league is also expected soon, while Junior Golf begins after the school year ends.