Superior East OPP Urge Safety Over Victoria Day Long Weekend

As the long weekend arrives, Ontario Provincial Police are warning they'll be watching roads, trails, and waterways to ensure people are being safe and following the rules.

Superior East OPP Constable Trevor Tremblay says officers will be watching for the "big four" factors in fatal collisions.

While he notes police are always watching for problematic driving, Tremblay says the increased traffic of a long weekend increases risk - and he admits drivers may also be a little less cautious due to the excitement of the long weekend and nice weather.

As this weekend also marks the opening of pickerel season - meaning many anglers will likely be getting out on the water - Tremblay reminds boaters to be careful.

Tremblay also warns high water could mean floating items from off the shore - like logs and other debris - and he has one last warning: not to use alcohol or cannabis before driving "anything with a motor" - cars, boats, or ATVs.

The OPP is also warning people to be careful this weekend, noting driving too fast for conditions, excessive speed, and alcohol impairment were the top contributing factor in the 36 motorcyclist deaths seen last year - not wearing a helmet was a factor in seven - while 10 of the 19 people killed in off-road vehicle incidents weren't wearing helmets, and 22 of the 24 people who died in boating or paddling incidents last year weren't wearing life jackets - alcohol or drugs were involved in at least eight on the off-road fatalities and at least eight of the boating fatalities.