Lady Dunn Health Centre Palliative Care to Hold Memorial Butterfly Release

Wawa's hospital is planning a special way to honour those who've passed: the release of butterflies.

Jolene Binda explains the Palliative Care Program's First Annual Memorial Butterfly Release is an opportunity to honour loved ones who've passed - helping with grieving and "letting go" - though the event will be more of a celebration.

Binda notes the butterfly could be released "in honour of a loved one, to celebrate life and new beginnings, or simply to connect with nature on a personal level".

While the event isn't until July 17th, Binda emphasizes that the butterflies must be ordered ahead of time - anyone who wants to release a butterfly must reserve it at the hospital's front desk before July 3rd.

There is a cost of $20 per butterfly, with proceeds supporting the Palliative Care Program.