More Parking Approved For Wawa's Broadway Avenue - But Not Special RV Spots

A few more parking spaces will be added on Broadway Avenue - but no new spots intended for RVs or trailers.

Wawa's Infrastructure Services Director, Cory Stainthorpe, explains the new spots will be located between Laurier and Algoma streets, across from the Lion's Beach parking spots.

Stainthorpe notes the by-law passed by Council last night not only confirms the new spots, but also the existing angle parking above Lion's Beach - as it wasn't included in the traffic by-law - as he's opted against recommending replacing the existing parking with spaces meant to accommodate for larger vehicles, like RVs, motor homes, or vehicles with trailers.

That means there is still no designated parking for larger vehicles on Broadway Avenue itself, though Stainthorpe expects to continue looking into possible options.