Replacement Plans Approved for Wawa's Municipal Fuel System

Wawa's municipal fuel system will be upgraded.

Wawa Municipal Council has approved plans to replace the current system - which is used to supply fuel for the municipal fleet, including its heavy equipment - awarding the contract to Northwest Petroleum Limited for $199,423.53 - just shy of the $200,000 budgeted for the project.

Infrastructure Services Director Cory Stainthorpe explains it's a full tank replacement, as the current system is in poor condition and requires over $60,000 in repairs to meet regulatory standards.

Stainthorpe adds the above-ground tank would mean easier inspection for possible leaks, which would be easier to deal with, as it'd be on a concrete pad rather than underground.

Municipal staff or a local contractor will do some work, including pouring the pad and installing lighting for the new system, which will be put in a slightly different spot on the property so the current system can continue operating until the new one's operational.

The project's second phase will be removal of the old system, particularly the current in-ground tanks, as well as the above-ground pumps.

During budget discussions, Councillor Pat Tait questioned the need for the system - suggesting a change to card-lock at a local private business as an alternative - but backed the upgrade after a report from Stainthorpe highlighted savings from buying fuel in bulk for the municipal system.