Wawa Council Holding Special Meeting

Wawa Municipal Council will hear about last year's finances in a special meeting tonight.

The meeting's scheduled to begin with two "in-camera" items - a legal issue relating to KPMG's audit findings and a personnel issue involving staffing - followed by KPMG's presentation of the 2018 Consolidated Financial Statements and Trust Funds Financial Statements.

Council will also consider a resolution and related by-law to drop out of an agreement to provide National Car Rental service, due to issues with staffing and other requirements to offer the service.

The Municipality took on the service December 2015 - amid concerns it would be lost if the Municipality didn't step in - though Mayor Ron Rody noted in Council discussions two weeks ago that another, unspecified party is interested in picking up the service.

Aside from the opening "in-camera" items, tonight's meeting is open to the public - it's scheduled to start at 6 pm in Council Chambers.