Algoma-Manitoulin Re-Elects Michael Mantha For Third Term

New Democrat Michael Mantha will represent the Algoma-Manitoulin riding for a third consecutive term.
Unofficial results show Mantha with just shy of 16,000 votes - over 58 percent of ballots cast - and the re-elected MPP is thankful for the support.

Progressive Conservative Jib Turner was the closest to Mantha, receiving just shy of 25 percent of ballots cast.
He says he's surprised by the result - based on the support he'd heard while campaigning - and expresses disappointment that a non-government MPP will again represent the riding.

Turner was followed by Liberal Charles Fox, who finished with a little more than 8 percent - he congratulates Mantha.

After Fox was Northern Ontario Party candidate Tommy Lee with shy of 5 percent, Green Party candidate Justin Tilson with nearly 4 percent, and Libertarian Kalena Mallon-Ferguson finishing with less than 1 percent.

Provincially, Doug Ford is premier-elect, as the PCs claimed a total of 76 seats, while the NDP form the official opposition with 40 seats.
The Liberals only have 7 - one shy of being able to maintain recognized party status - with outgoing premier Kathleen Wynne re-elected in her riding, though she announced she's stepping down as Liberal leader.
Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner was elected in Guelph, making him the first Green MPP elected to the Ontario Legislature.

All preceding figures are based on unofficial results.