Wawa Council Reviews Response To Rezoning Requests

Wawa Municipal Council has reviewed the response to a couple rezoning requests.
During a short public meeting under the Planning Act - held within the regular Council meeting - Council reviewed responses received about applications to rezone land at 90 Broadway Avenue to recognize the existing residential use and at 4 Broadway Avenue, to permit the existing commercial lot to be used for a vehicle repair business - the building had previously been used for that purpose.
No complaints were heard about either request, though Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry did warn about possible concerns due to the proposed garage's proximity to Wawa Lake - particularly due to the potential for spills - with Deputy Clerk Cathy Cyr saying a site plan agreement's been recommended to address any concerns.
A neighbour to the proposed garage spoke up to support it, saying he's "totally in favour" of such a business.
Council has not voted on whether to approve the rezoning requests, though they are expected to do so during the September 4th Council meeting.