Municipality of Wawa Launches RFP for Connecting Link Project

The Municipality of Wawa's moving forward on plans for work on Mission Road and Main Street.

Just weeks after Ontario's Ministry of Transportation confirmed up to $3-million for "reconstruction" of the roads through "Connecting Link" funding, the Municipality's issued a request for proposals for engineering services and project management on this "Connecting Link" project.

While Infrastructure Services Director Cory Stainthorpe's continually emphasized the plan is subject to changes in the design phase, the proposal presented to the province would see Mission Road change from the current four lanes - two each direction - to one lane each direction with a middle turning lane and bike lanes on each side, a move Council was told generally makes it safer and improves flow - following adjustments - as it would help reduce travel speed along Mission Road and eliminate opportunity for drivers to weave in and out of lanes.

Also proposed were crosswalks at three points - the intersection of Mission Road with Churchill and Winston, the intersection of Mission and Magpie, and the intersection of Mission with Main Street and Third Avenue - with some work on Main Street, as well, including slightly thinner islands dividing the existing lanes of opposing traffic.

Mayor Ron Rody's told JJAM FM News he expects public consultation this fall, with plans to be confirmed over the winter so construction can happen next summer.

The R-F-P's open until 2:45 p-m on Friday, August 23rd.